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Make our good promise on the blockchain
WePromise is a chat extension based on blockchain technology. WePromise helps you to keep your promises with your friends and family on the blockchain permanently.
How to use WePromise?
Only 4 steps to keep a promise permanently on the blockchain:
1、Get Started WePromise chat extension.
2、Enter your name and your friend’s name, writer down the details of the promise.
3、Use Paypal or credit card to pay the fee.
4、Send the Promise to your friend and get his/her permission.
What does a typical promise look like?
Tom made a promise to Jerry, said that:
“After graduation, Tom and Jerry will go travalling aound the world together.” "Once Jerry passed the interview on Friday, Tom will treat Jerry a slap-up meal twice." Mostly, life has more fun and peace with a cute interesting promise. Make your own promises and share awesome ideas with your friends.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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If I made some private information and I want to keep it secretly, what should I do?
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What should I do to make a digital signature?
What is digital signature and what is the benefit?
Why did my Paypal account fail?
How to contact WePromise development team?
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